Everyday Glam Kit (Lashes, Lipgloss and Eyebrow Pencil)

Everyday Glam Kit (Lashes, Lipgloss and Eyebrow Pencil)

£25.00 GBP


Introducing our amazing Eyelash, Lipgloss and Eyebrow Kit. You asked for this and we've delivered your new Everyday Glam Kit!

We have limited stock but you can now get these key signature pieces as a kit to use. Define your brows, keep your lips nice and smooth (fade the pigment to a soft pinkey-nude or let it pop in a brighter shade) and enhance your eyes with added drama all in one purchase, saving you £5 in total! Choose your desired lash style and we'll do the rest!

-Anastasia is our thickest and boldest lash. Go for this style if you're used to wearing super thick lashes and are happy to pull off a Glam look

-Lolo is our medium lash and is the perfect style if you want added drama and a super wispy look

-Marie is our lightest lash but still brings the drama! It's a lighter version of Lolo and is great for a 'dressed-up/smart-casual' look or a 'glamorous girl-next-door' look

*Our recommendation: start with Marie and work your way up!*

**Lash Glue not included**

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